Friday, March 2, 2012

X, Y and Z..A full circle

Like many others in his class, X was madly in love with Y. The day he first spoke with Y remained the most memorable day of his life till the other day. For X, there was none prettier than Y, none so graceful and sober. Her tinkling laugh was like sweet notes from a piano, her words were like sound made by raindrops on the tin roof of his old house. As happens in such situations, X proposed to Y on a rainy afternoon in the college library after they had finished discussing Erich Segal’s Love Story.

Like most such one sided endeavors, Y refused. X was simply not good enough for her. X started hating love stories and listening to death metal.

A few years later, X married Z. It was an arranged marriage. X’s parents were happy, Z was happy, for the first few days, even X was in bliss. After all, the term ‘honeymoon period’ isn’t there for nothing.

Trouble started after a few days. Z had a nice laugh, but it was not tinkling enough. She had a sweet voice, but it sounded ordinary to X. Z didn’t like rock music, couldn’t relate to Oliver stone movies and showed no interest in reading Erich Segal’s love story with X on rainy afternoons. Quite simply, Z was unlike Y in every respect, like chalk and cheese.

X wanted desperately to meet Y for one more time. He wanted to spend a quiet afternoon with her alone, wanted to gather enough memories for the rest of his mundane life. Mark Zuckerberg was still pissing in his diapers. So, X had to make extensive use of the old boys’ network and finally found out Y’s address.

On a sunny day, he began his journey, travelled a thousand miles and met Y. Then he encountered a problem he could have never anticipated.

The more he talked with Y, the more he realized in horror that Y’s smile was not as familiar as Z, her words were not as soothing as his wife. They talked about his favorite movie, but to his utter surprise, he wanted to discuss the Mexican chicken menu with Y. They discussed his favorite band, but strangely he remembered the old hindi music his wife listened to while watering the flower pots.

X bade good bye to Y and returned home.

Z has started listening to Coldplay. She likes the song ‘Paradise’.

Life has come full circle.

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